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Staff Directory


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Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Police Arthur Mellon Acting Chief amellon@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x222
Police Vacant Vacant Deputy Chief of Police Vacant 540-347-1107 x241
Police Lieutenant 540-347-1107 x242
Police George Southard Auxiliary Officer gsouthard@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107
Police Thomas Kamerer Sergeant tkamerer@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x225
Police Scott Arnold Sergeant aarnold@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x226
Police Arthur Leeper Sergeant aleeper@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x233
Police Vacant Vacant Lieutenant Vacant 540-347-1107 x235
Police Tim Carter Detective Sergeant tcarter@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x224
Police Christopher Ford Corporal cford@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x511
Police Matthew McGuirk Corporal mmcguirk@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x509
Police Alvaro Moran Sergeant amoran@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x500
Police Brian Kie Detective bkie@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x232
Police Carl Ferguson Corporal cferguson@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x508
Police Charles Polizzi Detective cpolizzi@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x245
Police Christopher Campbell Police Officer ccampbell@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x512
Police Ricardo Peterson Police Officer rpeterson@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x503
Police Dewey (Sam) Tilley Police Officer (Training Coord.) dtilley@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x246
Police Kevin Turner Corporal kturner@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x506
Police Lindsay Parr-Marino Sr. Admin. Asst. lparr@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x223
Police Jennifer Bush Records Clerk jbush@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x221
Police William Hitchings Admin. Coord. whitchings@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x227
Police Wally Smith Police Chaplain wsmith@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107
Police Kathleen Higgins Accreditation Manager khiggins@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x238
Police Billy Kerns Aux. Police Officer bkerns@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107
Police Vicki Powell Aux. Police Officer vpowell@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107
Police John Hutchins Detective jhutchins@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x231
Police Christopher Nixon Police Officer cnixon@warrentonva.gov 540-347-1107 x513

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