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Public Works and Utilities

Public Works and Utilities

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The Public Works Department is responsible for Capital Improvements Projects. The Capital Improvement Projects are the best efforts of the Town's citizens, Town Council, Staff, and Planning Commission to identify and recommend major construction projects for the Town. Many of the projects have come from previous engineering and staff reports and some come from citizen or councilperson complaints. The reports and complaints are addressed in a manner that fulfills the goals of the Town's Comprehensive Plan.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is designed to allow the Town to do projects that are beyond the scope of routine maintenance and operation. These projects are ones that have a significant impact on the community, but are often too expensive to be funded in a single year budget. These projects allow the Town to plan for the future, by allowing time to see how capital projects will relate to other projects.

The CIP is reviewed annually at which time the schedule and the projects are reevaluated, new or deferred projects are added, and the timeframe is extended if necessary.

Some recently completed CIP projects include: 
  •      Winchester Street Sidewalk and Drainage Project
  •      Moffet Street Drainage Project
  •      Plain Road Drainage Project
  •      Rail to Trails
  •      Main Street Water and Sewer Line Replacement
Some projects on the CIP include:
  •     Alexandria Pike Sidewalk and Drainage Project
  •     Blackwell Road Sidewalk Project
  •     Main Street Improvements
  •     Public Safety Building Construction
  •     Madison Street Sidewalk and Drainage Project
  •     Eva Walker Park Fence
Alexandria Pike and Blackwell Road Sidewalk Project
In order to allow pedestrians to walk from Old Town to Shopping Centers on the Bypass, the Town has elected to install sidewalk along Alexandria Pike. The sidewalk extends from North Street down to Blackwell Road. The Town extended the project to include an additional 500 feet of sidewalk along Blackwell Road.
When sidewalk, curb, and gutter is installed, storm sewer pipe is used to carry the rain runoff out of the roadway. In this case, the storm sewer pipe was quite large, to accommodate the drainage from North Street and Eva Walker Park. The spoil from the pipe trench was used to fill the area on Blackwell Road for the last segment of sidewalk. That way, we don’t have to pay to have the hole filled later, and it speeds this project along by dumping closer to the project. Staff will allow the fill material to settle for a few months before placing the last section of sidewalk along the route. The section of sidewalk completed along Blackwell Road is not placed on fill, and runs along the edge of the road. The 560-foot segment of sidewalk left to complete should not require any lane closures for construction. The final segment will be an asphalt or concrete trail that meanders away from the road along a row of shade trees.
The portion of the project in the roadway was completed before the street was overlaid. Now that the street has been repaved and repainted, the new sidewalk looks great. There are some pictures below showing before and after shots.