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The Town Clerk provides the professional link between the citizens, the local governing bodies, and agencies of government at other levels. We serve as the information center on functions of local government and community by providing neutrality and impartiality, rendering equal service to all.

A record of all meetings of Council as well as all approved ordinances and resolutions and reports presented to Council for consideration are kept and maintained by the Town Clerk. All of these records are public records and open to inspection.

Several key functions are provided that are vital to local government and the citizens of the Town, to include:

  • Prepare Board Agendas
  • Prepare Minutes
  • Provide Notice of Board  Meeting
  • Coordinate Events and Daily Activities for Town Council Members
  • Maintain Official Records of the Town (Agendas, Contracts, Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions)
  • Prepare Official Correspondence, Letters, Proclamations and Resolutions
  • Maintain Boards and Commission Records
  • Providing Notary Public Services
  • Custodian of the County Seal

Boards and Commissions

The Town Clerk is responsible for receiving applications for Council consideration for appointments to town boards and commissions. Position vacancies are advertised through local newspapers and on the town’s website.

Applicants for vacancies may obtain application forms and further information by calling the Town Clerk 540-347-4505
You can also apply by clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions about Town Council Meetings

When are Town Council meetings held?

The regular meetings of the Town of Warrenton Town Council are held in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, 18 Court Street, Warrenton, Virginia on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p. m. The Work Sessions are held in the same location at the same time on the Thursday prior to the Regular Meeting. This normally is the first Thursday of the month, but is the first Thursday of the first full week of the month. The Council may, however, prescribe any other meeting place or time in compliance with Section 15.2-1416 of the Code of Virginia (1950), as amended.

Are Town Council meetings open to the public? 
All regularly scheduled Council meetings and work sessions are open to the public and the media. All action taken by the Town Council is taken at public meetings. The Town Council is authorized to hold closed meetings whenever necessary to discuss matters not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. 

How do I speak at a meeting?
Citizens’ Time is scheduled during the regularly scheduled Council meetings on the second Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  This portion of the agenda is set aside for citizens who wish to address the Board on any topic that is not scheduled for public hearing. Citizens need not give prior notice to speak.  Speakers are respectfully requested to state their full name and address for the record as well as sign in on the sign on sheet provided. Citizens must keep their comments to three minutes.  

Where can I view the Agenda Packet? 
The agenda packet is prepared and distributed by the Town Clerk. The agenda is posted online by close of business on the Friday prior to the regular meeting or public hearings.   

General Terms & Definitions

Agenda ~ The agenda is a printed list of legislative issues that the Town of Warrenton Town Council considers at its work session and regular meeting.  

Motion ~ A motion is the verbal means of a Council Member taking action on an issue. A motion must be seconded, voted upon, and approved by a majority of the Town Council to accomplish the action desired. 

Quorum Three members of the Town Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. 

Resolution ~ A resolution is a method of expressing the opinion or policy of the Town Council about matters of administration. Resolutions are less formal than ordinances. 

Ordinance ~ An ordinance becomes the local law of the Town of Warrenton if adopted by the Town Council and is included in the Warrenton Town Code.

For additional information, please contact the Elizabeth Gillie, Town Clerk at (540) 347-4505.