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Wellness Challenge Ambassador Program and Application

Wellness Challenge Ambassador Program and Application

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Wellness Challenge Ambassador Program

The Wellness Challenge Ambassador Program gives motivated individuals the opportunity to share their Wellness journey with members of the community.  By participating in all levels of the Community Challenge, the Ambassadors are not just focused on themselves, but they are inspiring others around them to be active and engaged in a healthy lifestyle.  By partnering with the Town’s Park and Recreation Department, working hand in hand with the WARF trainers, and attending Challenge events, the Ambassadors will be showcasing their goals and accomplishments and helping others make wellness a priority in their day to day activities.  We encourage anyone that has great enthusiasm for health and wellness and is ready to make a change and impact their life to apply for this year’s Community Wellness Challenge Ambassador Program. 


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As part of the Community Wellness Challenge, we want to inspire others to exercise, eat healthy, and maintain mind/body connection. How do you feel you can best contribute to these goals as an ambassador?     

Please click the Wellness Application Waiver (1) download, (2) print, (3) sign and (4) return below: