Warrenton Cemetery

History of Warrenton Cemetery

The Warrenton Cemetary covers approximately 18 acres and includes over 8,000 burials.  While it is owned and maintained by the Town of Warrenton, most of the burial plots are owned by Fauquier County families.

1828:  The Warrenton Town Council acquired 1 1/4 acres for the purpose of providing a public burying ground for the town. Purchased for the sum of $62.50 from the estate of the late Thaddeus Norris, the land included the Norris family burying ground and was located along what was then considered the western border of Warrenton, south of Jail Street (now Waterloo Street).

1832:  The Town Council granted Inman Horner, a prominent Warrenton attorney and Virginia State senator, permission to enclose "twenty feet square of the graveyard south" as a private burying ground. It was possibly the first family plot to be officially established.

1836:  The Town Council adopted an order that prohibited burials of persons dying outside of the Town limits under penalty of law unless permission was previously given by the Mayor or Town Recorder.

1858:  Lot 3 in the settlement of the Thaddeus Norris estate was added to the eastern side of the original burial grounds.

1866:  Ann Brooke (daughter of Thaddeus Norris) sold 1 3/4 acres to the Town for $400.00.  William and Mary Gaines sold the adjacent 1 1/2 acres.  Both tracts were added to the south side.

1873:  The ladies of the Fauquier Memorial Association installed a 30-foot Confederate burial memorial.

1875:  2 acres were purchased from William and Mary Gaines for $407.50. (This tract would become the African American burial section.) Also, an adjacent tract of 2 roods 3 perches was purchased from Mrs. Brooke.

1929:  9.59 acres were purchased from Lucien Keith for $4,500.00.  This acreage is considered the "new" section.

The Public Works Department administrative staff, located in Town Hall at 21 Main Street, maintain the records for the Warrenton Cemetery. For assistance with cemetery records, please call (540) 347-1101.

The Public Works Department maintains the cemetery and handles interments. Please refer to the Cemetery Rules and Regulations. Contact (540) 347-1858 for assistance or if you have any questions.