Rules & Regulations

Statement of Policy

The Warrenton Cemetery is owned and operated by the Town of Warrenton for the interment of deceased citizens and non-citizens of all races, religions, sex, etc. It is the intent of the Town Council, via these rules and regulations, to ensure that those people buried in the cemetery and their families and visitors are paid proper respect at all times in surroundings of peaceful dignity. The rules, as written and adopted by Council, also serve to ensure that uniformity will exist within the cemetery to the benefit of all.

General Rules

  1. The Superintendent of Public Works or his/her designee solicit the cooperation of the lot owners in conjunction with operation and maintenance of the cemetery and any suggestions from lot owners or citizens will be considered and implemented if possible.
  2. All persons are reminded that the Cemetery is devoted to the internment of the deceased and that all who violate the rules and regulations of the Cemetery will be excluded therefrom. Any person who injures or disturbs, without authority, any monument work, trees, shrubs, plants, memorials, or anything whatsoever in the Cemetery is guilty of a misdemeanor and is punishable by imprisonment. The provisions of the law will be strictly enforced in all cases of wanton injury.
  3. Visitors are reminded that although inspections of the grounds are permitted, the cemetery is not a public park. It is intended that a peaceful atmosphere shall be maintained at all times in the boundaries of the Warrenton Cemetery.
  4. Interments of the deceased shall not be made in lots that have not been fully paid for.
  5. Interments will not be permitted on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, or the observed Memorial Day holiday.
  6. Enclosures of the lots with copings, railings, shrubbery, or hedges are not allowed. All lots designated by markers are to be placed even with the turf. These markers may not be disturbed or removed.
  7. The Town of Warrenton reserves the right to alter, change and revise these rules and regulations from time to time as deemed necessary.
  8. Lot owners, their families, and visitors shall have access to the Cemetery during established hours of operation.
  9. Persons carrying firearms, air rifles, etc. except law enforcement officers or soldiers participating in a funeral or ceremonial function, are not allowed in the Cemetery.
  10. Speeding or reckless driving within the Cemetery is not allowed. Motorists and bicyclists will remain on the paved roadways.
  11. No work will be permitted on Saturdays and Sundays except by Town employees unless approved in advance by the Director and/or Superintendent of Public Works.
  12. Any tree, plant, or shrub becoming unsightly or dangerous to the adjacent lots or walkways may be removed by the Cemetery Personnel as they may deem necessary and all trimming and pruning shall be done under their direction.
  13. Shrubbery will not be permitted to be planted.
  14. No one may write upon, deface, or in any way damage any monument, vault, or other structure within or belonging to the Cemetery. In addition, loud, disruptive, and unbecoming behavior inconsistent with the Town ordinances and State laws are not allowed and anyone violating the regulations or ordinances of the Town of Warrenton shall be required to leave the Cemetery immediately.
  15. Anyone bringing small children into the Cemetery shall be responsible for the safety and conduct of those children.
  16. Dogs are not allowed in the Cemetery.
  17. Complaints or reports of incivility on the part of any employee of the Cemetery should be made to the Superintendent of Public Works, his/her designee, or the Finance/Personnel Director for the Town of Warrenton. An investigation will be made and the results will be given to the complainant from the Superintendent’s and/or Finance/Personnel Director’s office.
  18. Artificial and live flowers are allowed in the cemetery provided that all flowers shall be off the ground and placed in metal vases, which will be provided by the Town or by florists, and placed no more than 12 inches from the front of the headstone. Flowers may also be placed in vases that are part of the headstone, or on top of the headstone in the form of a “saddle”. Faded artificial or dead flowers will be removed by cemetery staff at their discretion. (Revised October 13, 1998)
  19. No banners, balloons, plantings, or staffs shall be allowed within the cemetery. (Revised October 13, 1998, and November 10, 1998)
  20. Flags may be placed on all gravesites with proper respect and etiquette being utilized and observed. Flags shall not be larger than 12 inches by 18 inches and will be placed in front of the headstone in a flag holder or medallion or by any other methods with prior approval of the Town Manager. (Revised November 10, 1998)
    The placement of Union markings or monuments on previously designated Confederate memorials or the placement of Confederate markings or monuments on previously designated Union memorials is prohibited in accordance with State Law (Virginia Code Section 15.2-1812). (Revised November 10, 1998)
  21. No one other than family members in accordance with Section 5-11 of the Code of the Town of Warrenton shall be allowed in the cemetery between sunset and sunrise.

General Rules of Installation

Monument material or equipment will not obstruct the roadways or pathways and will not be permitted to enter the Cemetery until actual work is to be done. All debris will be removed after immediate completion of work.

Heavy trucks and equipment will not be allowed on the Cemetery grounds when damage or injury to grounds or person may, in the judgment of personnel, occur due to bad weather.

When making improvements to lots, the contractor must restore the grade and sod to the satisfaction of the Superintendent of Public Works, and his/her designee.

No work shall be permitted on Saturday or Sunday except that which is necessary for an interment.

Town Cemetery personnel have the full right to stop the work of a contractor or individual immediately whenever there is a failure to conform to the Rules and Regulations.

The management of the Town of Warrenton reserves the right to prohibit further work in the Cemetery by any monument dealer who has been found guilty of misrepresentation.

Contractors and their workmen, while employed in the Cemetery, are under the supervision of the Superintendent of Public Works and his/her designee.

Installation of Headstones

After excavation for headstones is completed, work must be inspected by an authorized representative of the Town of Warrenton Cemetery before the concrete is poured. There shall be no exceptions. The foundations will be finished off at such levels as will permit the cut-stone to be set at least one inch below the sod at all points.

All monument work must have the surface next to the foundations dressed off sufficiently to allow every part to be in contact with the foundation. The removal or building up of any part of the foundation, or any other defective workmanship in the base stone, will be corrected prior to completion of the installation.

The following standards must be met when preparing for the installation of monuments at the Town of Warrenton Cemetery:

All foundation work for monuments must be done in concrete.

  1. 12 inches by 24 inches Footstones – when used as footstones: The foundation shall be at least 24 inches in depth or until the top of the vault is reached, whichever occurs first, and 1 to 2 inches wider than the stone itself.
  2. Headstones, Footstones Used as Headstones, and Family Stones Regardless of Size: The foundation for the headstone shall be at least 54 inches in depth and 1 to 2 inches wider than the stone itself. The foundation may be 24 inches in depth with a leg under each end to undisturbed soil with prior approval of the Superintendent of Public Works and his/her designee.
  3. Government Flat Marble or Granite Markers: The foundation shall be at least 24 inches in depth and 1 to 2 inches wider than the stone itself.

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