Automated Bank Debit Service


Obligations & Rights

As an Automated Bank Debit Service (ABD) participant, you become bound by certain obligations and are entitled to certain rights. These obligations and rights are summarized below:

  • This program is designed for paying utility bills only.
  • There is no charge for participating in the (ABD) program.
  • You may cancel your participation in ABD by writing the Finance Office at:
    PO Box 341
    Warrenton, VA 20188-0341
    Notification of cancellation must be received no later than the 15th day of the month in which your bill is due.
  • You must notify our office if you are selling the property, renting or moving so that it may be promptly deleted from the ABD program. The Finance Office will send a final bill directly to you. Your bank account will not be debited for the final bill. You may pay your final bill by check, cash, money order, or credit card.
  • You are protected from any consequences which might occur from the late and missed payments due to system or network failures under the provisions of Regulations E of the Federal Reserve System.
  • You are obligated to ensure that sufficient funds are in your account on the transfer date. Utility transfers rejected will result in a $5 payment penalty and returned check charges. You will be automatically dropped from the ABD program after two rejected transactions.
  • You must notify our office, in writing, if the checking account from which ABD transfers were being made is closed or changed, even if the new account is with the same financial institution. ABD transfer rejected due to a closed account will result in a late payment penalty and a returned check charge will result in your being dropped from the program.
  • All utility charges must be current before enrollment can occur.

Joining the Automated Bank Debit Service is a smart move. Please complete the application and return the white copy for the accounts you want to have paid automatically.

Contact Us

If you have further questions or concerns, please email staff or call (540) 347-1101 or (540) 347-2678.