Business License

Business, Professional, & Occupational License Tax

All businesses are required to have a license to conduct business in the Town of Warrenton. A license cannot be issued unless zoning approval has been received. If you are establishing a business in the Town, please contact the Zoning Department first.

A business license is valid from July 1 to June 30 each year. The initial license period for any business is the 1st day of business to the following June 30th. Renewal applications are sent to existing businesses in January each year. Renewal applications are due by March 1. A bill will be calculated and sent; it is due by June 30th.

The license tax is based on your prior year's gross receipts. For your first year in business, please provide an estimate of your gross receipts.

View the Town of Warrenton Business License application (PDF).


The rules regarding the licensing of contractors (all classes) by the Town of Warrenton vary according to type, location and dollar volume. Any contractor or subcontractor applying for or listed as a contractor on a Town of Warrenton building permit must have a valid Town of Warrenton Business License (PDF). Contractors must provide a copy of their Contractor's Certificate of Workers' Compensation Insurance Acknowledgement from the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission. If you cannot provide this certificate, you must complete and submit VWC Form 61A (PDF) with your Business License application.

If you have questions regarding whether you need a business license, please call the Finance Department at (540) 347-1101, or email staff.