Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection takes place in the second and third weeks of November and  December.  Public Works participates with Town residents for the proper removal of leaves in order to keep streets and stormwater drains clean.

  Leaf Collection DO’s:

  • DO find out when we are in your area (refer to map)News Fall Leaves
  • DO rake leaves to the street line by 7 AM
  • DO make sure your leaves are clear of all ditch lines and gutters
  • DO make sure your leaves are not blocking any vehicles
  • DO make sure that your leaves are not placed out on tarps 
  • DO check your leaves to make sure there are no brush, limbs, rocks, or other debris mixed in
  • DO have leaves prepared less than one week in advance

To find out what days we will be in your area, see the schedule below and refer to the Special Collection Map (PDF) . You may also call Public Works at (540) 347-1858.