Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing is the process of moving water through the water main at an accelerated rate above the normal usage flow. This removes particulant accumulations from the inner walls of the water main.  This is done annually, typically in the spring and fall.


As part of our water line maintenance program, the Public Utilities Department will be flushing water lines from September 25, 2023 through October 26, 2023. Flushing will occur during the daytime and evening hours. *These dates may change if unforeseen circumstances arise.* 

Flushing will take place on the northern side of town. 

Warrenton Lakes, White's Mill, and Walker Drive area, etc.

If you experience any discoloration in your water, such as a rusty or brownish color, you can typically resolve it by running your cold water until it clears. If after all attempts have been made to clear up the water and it is still discolored, please contact Public Utilities at (540) 347-1858.

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For questions or more information, contact the Town of Warrenton Public Utilities Department at 
(540) 347-1858.