Community Outreach

Kids Take a Picture Next to a Storm DrainStormwater Pollution Poster Competition

In recognition of Warrenton Clean Water Stewardship Programs, the Town of Warrenton and Fauquier County is sponsoring a Stormwater Pollution Poster Competition for elementary students in grades 3 through 5 every year during springtime.

Kids & Family Stormwater Education Walk

Are you looking for ways for your child to learn about stormwater? Explore outside! The Town staff can go with you and find storm drains, learn together where water flows when it rains, and teach the kids about good water quality and healthy watersheds.

The Highlands of Warrenton Neighborhood Kids and Family Stormwater Education Walk was one of several activities that the Town conducted as a part of the Community classroom and Outreach Initiative on stormwater awareness and education.

Contact Us

For more information on stormwater-related programs or to schedule an event, please contact Dina Hermoso, Stormwater Administrator, at (540) 347-1101 or email via link.