Stormwater Medallion Program

Be Water Wise; Only Rain Down the Storm Drain!

There are hundreds of storm drains across the Town of Warrenton that all lead to our waterways and we need your help in letting everyone know that "Only Rain Belongs Down the Storm Drain". This program is open to all ages, not just youth. You can help us mark the storm drains near you. We'll provide the medallions and adhesive.

The round blue discs, or medallions, that you will attach to the tops of storm drains will help remind and educate other citizens about the importance of preventing pollution from entering our sensitive waterways, and above all, that storm drains are not to be used for dumping.

This project is a great opportunity to learn about our waterways and the easy steps everyone can take to protect them.

Contact the Town of Warrenton Stormwater Administrator or MS4 Stormwater Program Coordinator, to get help in choosing the area that you will be marking. Stormwater Team can also provide maps to record your medallion placement. You can reach them by calling (540) 347-1101 or by