Delinquent Account Policy

 If you are 30 days or more past due, you are being offered a Repayment Plan.  Payment Plan Agreement Form (PDF).

  • If your account is past due, you are at risk of having your water service disconnected.
  • If it is your first time on the delinquency list, as a courtesy you may receive a red door hanger prior to shutting off.
  • If you have received 2 red door hangers at any time in the past, you will no longer receive a red door hanger - your service will be cut off with no further notice.
  • Partial payments will not prevent cut-off. If you have any amount past due, you are at risk of being cut off.
  • Once service has been disconnected, you will be required to pay the FULL past due amount in addition to a $40.00 reconnection fee before service will be restored.
  • If service has been cut off, payment must be received by 4 PM for same-day turn-on. For payments received after 4 PM, service will be restored the next business day.
  • Any account that becomes delinquent twice during a twelve-month period and service disconnected for non-payment may be required to pay an additional security deposit.
  • If you have become seriously past due and need to request a payment plan, download and complete this form and bring it in or email for approval. Payment Plan Agreement Form (PDF). Please note the instructions on calculating your required minimum payment. If you need assistance with determining the minimum payment please call (540) 347-2678 or email the Utility Billing Department.