Mission, Vision & Values Statement

Mission Statement 

In Cooperation With And For Our Citizens...

...The Mayor, Town Council and the Staff of Warrenton are dedicated to providing public safety, economic opportunity, and quality public services in an attractive, well-planned community with historic character for the benefit, enjoyment and accessibility of all.

Vision & Value Statement 

To Achieve Our Mission, We Strive To...

Provide high level services in a cost-effective manner; display honesty, respectfulness, and fairness in all relationships; support the health and economic well-being of our citizens and businesses; preserve our historic small-town character;  encourage opportunities, services and infrastructure that allow people of all means to live, work and visit here; and address public concerns and opportunities promptly and effectively.

We recognize our Mission can be achieved only by the exchange of information and that through teamwork we can maintain an environment in which we can maximize our potential.