Motor Unit


The Department utilizes on-road Police motorcycles as vehicles for traffic enforcement. The Police motorcycle is most effective when traffic enforcement in heavily congested traffic patterns is encountered. The motorcycle Officer’s primary function will focus on the traffic problems within the Town. The Police on-road motorcycle will be utilized for, but is not limited to, the following duties

1. Enforcement of motor vehicle and traffic laws;

2. Point traffic control;

3. Escorts;

4. Technical traffic survey studies;

5. Traffic safety seminars; 

6. School zone control; and,

7. Special events (when requested)

An Officer assigned to a motorcycle will be responsible for its condition and maintenance and must complete an approved eighty (80) hour driver-training program for on-road Police motorcycles to qualify to operate a motorcycle. All certified motorcycle operators must complete an approved motorcycle in-service school annually. 

For more information, please contact Corporal Jeff Shaver at