December 20, 2022 Town of Warrenton Planning Commission Public Hearing

Speakers and organizations are allowed to speak once. If you already spoke at the November 15, 2022, meeting, please do not sign up a second time. Those that signed up for either the November 15th or 22nd meeting and were unable to speak will automatically be added to the December 20, 2022, speaker list. You do not need to sign-up again.

The Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing for the Special Use Permit application 2022-03 for the proposed Amazon Data Center in continuance of the November 15, 2022, Regular Meeting Public Hearing. Due to the public interest in this application, those seeking to speak during the Public Hearing are encouraged to utilize the early sign-up online form below or submit a written comment. The public will be asked to enter Town Hall from the 21 Main Street entrance and exit through the rear door to the municipal parking lot. Town residents will be afforded the opportunity to speak first. All speakers will be granted 3-minutes. The Planning Commission may continue the Public Hearing to a later date. If the meeting is continued to additional dates, the speaker list will continue in order. Speakers may only present verbal comments once during the Planning Commission Public Hearing process. Please read below for more information.

  1. How to Speak During a Public Hearing
  2. Submit a Written Public Comment

1. Sign-Up: Use the following link to electronically sign-up to speak at the December 20th Planning Commission Public Hearing:

You can sign-up in advance or at Council Chambers on the meeting date. Speakers go in the order of sign-up, with Town of Warrenton citizens permitted to speak first. 

2. Wait to be Called: After the commencement of the meeting, the Planning Commission Chair will invite each speaker individually to step up to the podium. Please state your name and address for the record.

3. Present your Comments: Individuals have 3 minutes, and organization representatives have 5 minutes to speak. A light box on the podium will give a yellow warning when 30 seconds remain, followed by a red light when your time has expired, at which time the next speaker will be called.

4. Other Speaker Consideration: We ask, in consideration of all speakers, if Council Chambers is at capacity, the public consider exiting after speaking to allow for the next speaker to enter. 

Planning Commission Review

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