Limbs/ Branches/ Horticulture Pick-up

Our Public Works Crews work with town residents to clear limbs and keep the streets of Warrenton clean. As you beautify your yards and trim your trees, we ask that you be mindful of the Town Code and chipper requirements to ensure safe and efficient clean-up. The Chipper handles tree limbs only. It Cannot chip vines, bushes, ornamental grass, or bamboo. These items clog the Chipper and are why property owners must cut, bag, and place them for regular trash pick-up or take them to the landfill themselves.

 Chipper Requirements:

  • Place limbs/branches on the shoulder of the road/ curbside at your residence and not in the gutter or ditches
  • Make sure that limbs/branches are no larger than 8 inches in diameter
  • Place all butt ends of limbs/branches facing the same direction 
  • Keep limbs/branches off the sidewalks
  • Keep limbs/branches out of the roadways
  • Place limbs/branches away from fire hydrants
  • No mixed debris, limbs/branches only
  • No roots and or root balls

*Any items placed out that do not meet the requirements will NOT be picked-up*

 **Improper placement of limbs/branches creates safety hazards, causes our crews to spend unnecessary time pulling piles apart, and delays our schedule.**

NOTE: Per Town Code, we DO NOT pick up tree trimmings cut by anyone other than the homeowner, such as tree companies, contractors, or other entities. They are responsible for removing limbs and debris created by their work.