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Trash and Recycling

Trash and Recycling

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The Town of Warrenton provides citizens with refuse collection two days per week. Find your street from the list below to determine whether you have Monday and Thursday pickup or Tuesday and Friday pickup. If you are still unsure about pickup, you may call the Public Works Department between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm at (540) 347-1858.

In order to ensure pickup, you are required to place trash in a proper container such as plastic garbage bags or trash cans. The Town provides each residence with one box of 100 trash bags every year at no cost to the resident. These bags may be picked up between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, 7 days a week, at the Visitor's Center, located at 21 Main Street.

Garbage must be set out at curbside by 8:00 am on the day of collection. Please do not set out your garbage prior to the day of collection to avoid animals tearing trash bags and spreading the garbage. Crows in particular, are a major problem.
Below is the schedule; streets in the left hand column are picked up on Monday and Thursday while streets on the right are picked up on Tuesday and Friday.

Monday & Thursday
Tuesday & Friday
1st Street
2nd Street
3rd Street (North)
3rd Street (South)
4th Street (North)
4th Street (South)
5th Street (North and South)
Acorn Court
6th Street (North and South)
Alex Court
Academy Hill Road
Alexandria Pike
Amber Circle
Alwington Blvd.
Autumn Wind Court
Arbor Court
Aviary Street
Armstrong Street
Beacon Road
Ashby Street
Bear Wallow Road
Beach Street
Belle Air Lane
Beckham Street
Black Sweep Road
Benner Drive
Blue Ridge Street
Blackwell Road
Breezewood Drive
Brenda Court
Broadview Avenue
Brittany Lane
Calhoun Street
Brookshire Drive
Cannon Way
Cambridge Way
Chappell Street
Cardinal Lane
Chasewood Lane
Carriage Chase Circle
Clay Street
Carriage House Lane
Constantine Court
Cedar Crest Drive
Denning Court
Chelsea Drive
Diagonal Street (North)
Cherry Tree Lane
Dover Road
Chestnut Street
Driftwood Court
Church Street
East Street
Cleveland Street
Equestrian Road
Colonel Edmonds Court
Evans Avenue
Colony Court
Fallen Leaf Court
Copper Mill Drive
Falmouth Court
Court Street
Falmouth Street (Main to Madison Street)
Culpeper Street
Fauquier Road
Curtis Street
Forbes Court
Derby Way
Forest Court
Devon Drive
Fox Chase Street
Diagonal Street (South)
Foxcroft Road
Dorset Lane
Franklin Street
Douglas Street
Frost Avenue (Rt. 211)
Elm Street
Gale Court
English Chase Lane
Garnet Court
Erin Drive
Gay Road
Estate Avenue
Gerber Way
Fairfax Street
Gold Cup Drive
Falmouth Street (Madison to Shirley Avenue)
Green Street
Fernwood Place
Haiti Street
Fishback Court
Hidden Creek Lane
Fisher Lane
High Street
Fletcher Drive
Holiday Court
Frazier Road
Horner Street
Gaines Street
Hunter Drive
Galina Way
Jackson Street
Garden Street
John Court
Garrett Street
Lancrel Road
General Wallace Court
Lapis Court
Greenway Court
Lee Hwy. (Fletcher to Broadview Avenue)
Hastings Lane
Lee Street (East – 3rd to Falmouth Street
Highland Towne Lane
Lee Street Extd. (Falmouth to Town Limits)
Horseshoe Lane
Leeds Square (Leeds Court, Institute Lane, Fairfield Drive)
Hospital Drive
Liberty Street
Hotel Street
Main Street (3rd to Falmouth Street)
Industrial Road
Mockingbird Lane
Jefferson Street
Moonstone Drive
Jennifer Drive
Norfolk Drive
John E. Mann Street
North Court
John Marshall Street
North Street
Keith Street
Old Mill Lane
Kingsbridge Court
Oliver City Road
Langston Lane
Onyx Way
Lee Hwy. (Fletcher to Town Limits)
Piedmont Street
Lee Street (West – 3rd to Chestnut)
Plain Road
Legion Drive
Portman Lane
Linden Street
Race Course Road
Locust Street
Rappahannock Street
Louis Street
Rayquick Court
Madison Street
Ridge Court
Main Street (3rd to Waterloo Street)
Roebling Street
Manor Drive
Rosedale Court
Meadow View Lane
Route 17 (Old Broadview Avenue)
Menlough Drive
Ruby Court
Moffett Avenue
Sapphire Court
Monroe Street
Secretariat Court
Moorhead Drive
Semington Road
Morton Ridge
Short Street
Mosby Circle
Singleton Circle
Moser Road
Solgrove Road
North Hill Drive
Spring Lane
Northview Circle
Starting Point Court
Northview Lane
Sterling Court
Oak Leaf Court
Stuyvesant Street
Oak Springs Drive
Tiffany Court
Oak Street
Timber Fence Parkway
Oak Tree Lane
Topaz Court
Old Meetze Road
Van Roijen Street
Old Orchard Lane
Walker Drive (Old Alex. Pike to Lee St.)
Orchard Lane
Waterloo Road
Pelham Street
Winchester Street. (Alex. Pike to Diagonal St.)
Pepper Tree Court
Windward Court
Pine Tree Court
Pineview Court
Pinnacle Court
Preston Drive
Quarterpole Court
Railroad Street
Richards Drive
Robinson Street
Rock Pointe Lane
Royal Court
Sharp Street
Sire Way
Smith Street
Split Oak Street
Sullivan Street
Sycamore Street
Taylor Street
Veterans Drive
Walker Drive (Old Alex. Pike to Blackwell Rd.)
Warren Court
Warrenton Blvd.
Washington Street
Waterloo Street
West Ridge Court
Wide Oak Street
Willow Court
Wilson Street
Winchester Mews Drive
Winchester Street (Diagonal to Lee Hwy.)
Winners Circle