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Community Development

Community Development

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Community Outreach

  • In recognition of Warrenton Clean Water Stewardship Programs, the Town of Warrenton is sponsoring a Stormwater Pollution Poster Competition for elementary students in grades 3-5. For more information and for contest rules, click here.

  • On Saturday, November 5, 2016, a neighborhood Kids and Family Stormwater Education Walk was conducted at The Highlands of Warrenton by Ron Battaglia, Town of Warrenton MS4 Stormwater Coordinator.

  • This was one of several activities that will be conducted by the Town of Warrenton as part of the Community Classroom and Outreach Initiative on stormwater awareness and education. 

  • For more information on stormwater related programs or to schedule an event, please contact Ron Battaglia, MS4 Stormwater Program Coordinator, 540-347-1858.

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