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Comprehensive Plan

Community Development

Community Development

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The Town of Warrenton’s Comprehensive Plan serves as the guiding document for future decisions regarding development, preservation, public facilities, and other key components of community life. The plan seeks to provide a clear vision to help steer the Town while also meeting the state regulations that require local planning. Virginia Code §15.2-2223 requires local planning commissions to "prepare and recommend a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the territory within its jurisdiction.

Previous Comprehensive Plans

In 2002, the Town of Warrenton adopted a Vision for the Year 2025 that focuses on the amount, location, and quality of growth. This Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2009 with a supplement that provided updated demographic, housing, community facilities, economic resources, transportation, neighborhood design, and Historic District information. These documents may be accessed in the links below:

Through a generous grant from the PATH Foundation, the Town conducted 5 Walkability Audits on a sampling of the types of pedestrian environments found throughout town. Over 50 people participated, including residents, business owners, students, and Town and County elected officials. The public input from these audits, combined with a January 2017 Public Workshop, resulted in a set of report recommendations presented to the Planning Commission and Town Council in October 2017. The Walkability Audit Report and Complete Streets Recommendations Report will both serve to inform the Comprehensive Plan Update.

Walkability Audit Report
Complete Streets Recommendations Report

On March 13, 2018, the Town Council updated the the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map by establishing four Urban Development Areas (UDAs). This was part of a two year process with public involvement funded through a grant from the Virginia Secretary of Transportation's Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment. These UDAs establish a vision for specific areas in Town and will serve as a foundation for the discussion in the full update currently underway. 

Urban Development Areas Policies and Goals
Future Land Use Map