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Warrenton Tree Board

Community Development

Community Development

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Tree Species

Remember to check the Guidelines for Tree Planting when submitting a site plan with the Town of Warrenton.


Pursuant to the Town of Warrenton Zoning Ordinance, Section 8-7, Tree Species, you will find a list of  trees that are allowed and are not allowed to be planted in the Town of Warrenton. You may view this list by clicking here

 Warrenton Tree Board - Mission Statement

The Warrenton Tree Board will serve as advocates for the health of the urban forest within Warrenton's town limits by communicating with residents and businesses with regards to the proper planting, maintenance, protection, and removal of trees while fulfilling the requirements as a certified Tree City, USA.

Tree of the Quarter


At the foot of the County Courthouse, an American Elm grows under amazing conditions. American Elms are notorious for their beautiful vase shape and used to line streets across the eastern United States. Unfortunately, Dutch Elm Disease has taken out most of these glorious trees. The beautiful specimen in front of the Courthouse has held up amid traffic, pavement, and a few accidents. Elms can grow to 90 feet tall and mature specimens have downward growing branches. The alternate leaves have teeth and are usually 3-5 inches long. Small pink flowers can be seen in the spring and are following by one-half inch long flat fruit in the summer which are devoured by birds and other wildlife. Extensive breeding programs have developed disease-resistant American Elms which are now available commercially.