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Public Parking



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Public Parking

Parking Enforcement
For a map of downtown parking areas, click here

Alexandria Pike 
Ashby Street 
Beckham Street 
Bike Path Parking Lot
Calhoun Street
Court Street 
Culpeper Street 
Diagonal Street 
Hotel Street 
John Marshall Street Lee Street 
Main Street
Municipal Parking Lot A 
Municipal Parking Lot B 

Municipal Parking Lot C 
Municipal Parking Lot E 
Municipal Parking Lot F
Municipal Parking Lot G
Municipal Parking Lot H
Municipal Parking Lot I
Waterloo Street
Winchester Street 
2nd Street 
3rd Street 
4th Street
5th Street 

Parking Regulations

Most parking regulations are posted by signs as no parking zones, fire lanes, handicapped parking and parking regulated by time limits.  Although not marked by signs, motorists should be aware that there are other regulations that govern parking.  Below are the different parking violations:

  • Overtime Parking 1st Violation
  • Overtime Parking 2nd Violation
  • Overtime Parking 3rd Violation
  • Overtime Parking 4th and Subsequent Violations
  • Parking in Restricted Zone
  • Parking in Loading Zone
  • Blocking Driveway
  • Stopping and Obstructing Traffic
  • Parking in Fire Lane
  • Parking Within 20ft. of Corner
  • Parking Within 15ft. of Fire Hydrant
  • Double Parking
  • Parking Against Traffic
  • Parking on Sidewalk
  • Violation of Official Sign and/or Marking
  • Parking in Handicap Zone
  • No Valid Tow Decal (Affixed to Windshield)
  • Parking Without Valid Inspection/License Plate
  • Improperly Parked

These regulations increase public safety for both motorists and pedestrians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I pay a parking citation?  Parking citations may be paid by mail or in person at Town Hall, 21 Main Street, Warrenton, VA 20186. You may also pay a parking citation online through MyTown. If parking citations are not paid within the specified time they are subject to a penalty fee.

How do I contest a parking citation? Parking citations may be contested by appearing at the Warrenton Police Department during regular business hours. At that time a date will be scheduled in General District Court for the case to be heard. The contestant will be given a written notice of the court date.

What happens when the citation is not paid or contested?  When a citation has not been paid or contested within the allotted time a letter is sent to all owners of the vehicle which received the citation. If the citation is still not dealt with, a Summons is issued by the Magistrate to all owners of the vehicle to appear in court.

Why did I receive a citation when I have a handicap permit?  Temporary handicap permits to an individual and permanent license plates for a vehicle are issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Temporary permits must be displayed by hanging on the rear view mirror in plain view of the officer. Persons with valid handicap permits or license plates may park in any handicap marked parking space or at any space regulated by a time zone in excess of the posted time limit, up to four (4) hours maximum. Handicapped permits/license plates do not give authorization to park in fire lanes or other no parking zones.