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Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

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The Town of Warrenton's Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant was originally built in 1958. It had a treatment capacity of .5 Million Gallons/Day (MGD) and consisted of two primary clarifiers, a trickling filter, a secondary clarifier, a chlorine contact tank, four sludge drying beds, and an anaerobic digester. The permitted treatment requirements were 36 milligrams/liter (mg/l) Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) and 36 mg/l Total Suspended Solids (TSS).

The Wastewater Treatment Plant was upgraded in 1978. The treatment capacity was increased to 1.0 MGD. The following units were added: Another primary clarifier, another secondary clarifier, another chlorine contact tank, eight more sludge drying beds, a Purifax® unit (for sludge oxidation), four Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs), and chemical addition equipment. (Aluminum Sulfate and polymer). The permitted treatment requirements were lowered to 18 mg/l BOD5 and 18 mg/l TSS.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant was upgraded again in 1990. This major upgrade consisted of the following: A new headworks, another primary clarifier, a primary sludge pumping station, the trickling filter was lowered and fitted with a new distributor, the wet well pumping capacity was increased, the four RBCs were integrated into the new 21 RBC units, new flocculators, a new secondary clarifier (which replaced the 1958 unit), a new secondary sludge pumping station, new chlorine contact tanks (which replaced both the 1958 and 1978 units), a new dechlorination building, new post aerators, a sludge thickener, another anaerobic digester, and a sludge dewatering press. The permitted treatment requirements were lowered to 10 mg/l BOD5 and 10 mg/l TSS. A new limit for Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) was set at 5 mg/l and chlorine had to be neutralized before returning the treated water back into the stream.

In 1998 a discharge limit for Ammonia was set at 1.38 mg/l and added to the discharge permit. This required a minor upgrade consisting of a 30,000-gallon storage tank for the belt press filtrate to be captured and metered into the plant for treatment.

For information concerning school and private tours of our wastewater facilities, contact the Town of Warrenton Wastewater Superintendent, Mr. Allen Chichester, at (540) 347-1104.


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