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Underground Utilities

Public Works and Utilities

Public Works and Utilities

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In Virginia, Miss Utility is a non-profit organization that takes requests from citizens and contractors who are planning to do any digging near utility lines. This information is relayed to all gas, water, electric and communication utilities that then sent out technicians to locate their designated underground lines. There is no charge for this service and anyone may call with 24-hours notice. To contact Miss Utility, dial 811.

The Town of Warrenton is responsible only for locating the water line from the water meter to the street and all main lines in the street. For sewer, the Town will locate from the street to the sewer clean out at the curbside. 

The customer is responsible for the maintenance and location of the water line from the meter to the house. For sewer, the customer is responsible from the sewer clean out at the curbside to the house. Consult with your plumber for locating lines on the house side of the water meter or sewer clean out.

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