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Program Intent:
To encourage citizens to adopt an area in the Town of Warrenton for the planting and maintenance of annual and perennial plantings. Individuals, organizations, or businesses will agree to keep the designated area clear of litter and weeds for a minimum of two years. In exchange, volunteers will be loaned materials and equipment, such as trash bags, vests, and cones, to assist them with the cleanup of the areas. Also a sign bearing their name will be posted in the area. At the completion of the time period, the volunteers will receive a special certificate of appreciation and may renew their agreement.


  1. Selected areas of Town maintained right-of-ways are eligible for adoption. Sections of right-of-ways determined by the Public Works Department to be unsuitable will be ineligible for the program.
  2. Plantings must be performed in the spring or fall, which ever is appropriate for the plants. Maintenance of the adopted area will be performed at least four times per year.  This maintenance includes removal of weeds from flowerbeds and collection of trash in the designated area.
  3. Local Community organizations, individuals 18 years or older and businesses will be eligible to adopt-a-spot for the purpose of beautification. Participants must have approved applications on file with the Town of Warrenton.
  4. A sign noting the program and the participants will be installed in the areas adopted. The Town of Warrenton will bear the cost of producing, installing and maintaining the sign. Signs will include names of businesses sponsoring groups. No business slogans or logos will be allowed.
  5. Participants are required to adopt a spot for a minimum of two years.
  6. Participants must hold meetings with the Director of Public Works or his designee at least twice a year to review safety and other guidelines. No participant may be involved in plantings, maintenance or collection of trash unless he/she has attended at least one such meeting per year.
  7. The Town of Warrenton will supply participants with safety information, clean up crew working signs, plastic trash bags and safety vests. These items will be picked up from the Town's Public Works Facility at 360 Falmouth Street during work hours the day before the scheduled work is to be performed. The participants will be responsible for placement of "Clean Up Crew Working" signs.
  8. If participants cannot dispose of the filled trash bags, they may be brought to the Public Works Facility the same time that signs, vests, etc. are returned.
  9. Participants are encouraged to separate and recycle appropriate materials.
  10. The Town of Warrenton will monitor the program. The Director of Public Works or his designee will be the contact person for the adopting groups. An adoption can and will be terminated if the work of the participating group or individual unsafely interferes with traffic, is determined to be inadequate for effective beautification and litter control or violates the agreement with the Town.
  11. After each planting and or clean up of the area, participants must file a preprinted town report detailing types and number of plantings, number of bags of litter picked up, number of participants, and number of hours spent.
  12. Groups with members less than 16 years old must be supervised by adults 18 years or older. There must be one adult per six underage group members. Large groups should be divided into teams of eight or fewer.
  13. Applicants to whom permits are issued, shall at all times indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Warrenton, all employees, agents and officers, from responsibility, damage or liability arising from any accidents caused by or involving the participants.
  14. The Town of Warrenton reserves the right to revise these conditions as needed.

Adopted areas could include parks, parking lots, walkways, and median strips. Some specific areas incliude:

  • Waterloo Road and Broadview Avenue Intersection - The two islands on the eastern side
  • Blackwell Road and Lee Highway Intersection - Country Chevrolet Intersection
  • Shirley Avenue and Industrial Lane - Bank area
  • Route 17 and Foxcroft Road - Median in front of Highland School
  • Town Cemetery - The Flag Pole area
  • South Fifth Street and Lee Street - the Farmers Market Lot
  • Other suggestions are welcome.

For further information, contact Public Works at 347-1858. 

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