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What Can I Recycle?

Public Works and Utilities

Public Works and Utilities

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The Town has three separate curbside recycling programs. Each item is picked up with three different trucks and then hauled to recycling centers for processing. All recycling should be set out by 6:00 AM each Wednesday morning.

 1.  Cardboard Program: (Corrugated Cardboard Only)
For corrugated cardboard, you must be on the weekly list for pick-up. To get on the list, contact Public Works at (540) 347-1858 any time before the day of collection. If you need a pick-up every week, you will be placed on the permanent list.

Description:  Thin layers of cardboard surrounding a ribbed section of cardboard.
Preparation:  1. Remove all packing materials including: newspaper, Styrofoam, peanuts and shredded paper, wood pieces, etc. 2. Break down as many boxes as possible and put into one larger empty box. This is for corrugated boxes only. No cereal boxes, cake boxes, soda boxes, etc.
2.  Newspaper Program: (Newspaper, Magazines and Phone Books)
Description: Thin fibrous paper imprinted with black and/or colored inks.     
Preparation: Tie in bundles with string, or place in paper bags. Do not place in plastic bags.
3.  Recycle Program: (Please use Town issued blue bags or clear bags until you receive your new recycling bin)
Plastics, Aluminum & Steel – Glass separated from all other recycling.
Plastic - Plastic bottles, bowls, cups, plates, containers, etc. that are imprinted with either the number one (1) or the number two (2). These numbers are normally found on the bottom of the item surrounded by a recycling symbol.
Steel and Aluminum – Only steel, aluminum and tin food and beverage containers.
Preparation: 1. Remove all lids and tops and put them in the garbage.
                       2. Rinse all containers to reduce odors and attraction to insects and rodents.
                       3. Crush all items whenever possible. 
                       4. Place all these items into the recycling bag and tie the bag at the top.
*No Styrofoam, no aerosol cans, no plastic bags (grocery bags) and no cardboard or paper in the recycle bags.
The following items ARE NOT picked up curbside. There is a drop off container located at 360 Falmouth Street for mixed office paper.
Mixed Office Paper:
The Town of Warrenton accepts mixed office paper at the Public Works Facility at 360 Falmouth Street. There is a container located at the back side of the Public Works facility and is accessible at all times. Place only the paper in the container, not the box or bag which was used to bring the paper. These items will be recycled separately. Below is a list of paper that is accepted and not accepted.
1. Computer paper
2. Paper envelopes
3. Sticky notes
4. Colored paper, fax paper, blue prints
5. Junk mail - not shiny or containing wax type covers or pages
6. Office paper - white paper, stationery, plain bond, tablet sheets, etc.
7. Shredded paper
Not Acceptable:
1. Newspapers, magazines and phone books - there is a curbside collection for this
2, Telephone Books - place at curbside with newspapers
3. Thin cardboard
4. Glossy paper with wax type coating
5. Ground wood paper
6. Paper clips, rubber bands, and staples                                              
 Please contact the Public Works Facility at (540) 347-1858 if you have any questions.